August Update

We have posted an important update to EnergyPro including new Residential and Nonresidential CBECC engines from the CEC.  Here is a list of changes:

Added new streamlined NRCC-CXR-E form to replace the older NRCC-CXR-01 thru 05 forms

Includes July 2018 release of the NRCC-LTI-E form

Fixes file compatibility issues with older files

Adds hourly PV simulation feature for Non-T24 calculations and hourly reporting in the CSV file.

New CBECC Com 3.0 SP2 engine

Various bug fixes

Updates to the lists of layer materials

Will now accept two layers of metal framing in an assembly

Projects with no windows will no longer trigger daylighting controls

New CBECC Res 3.1 engine

Added two allowances for ADUs and additions:

Wall extensions do not need continuous insulation

ADUs built from an existing unconditioned structure where siding is not removed do not need continuous insulation

Correcting an error affecting HVAC system alterations (incorrectly assuming ducts also altered)

Correcting the standard design fuel assumption when changing from one fuel type to another

Allows a detached addition (you don’t need a surface between zones anymore)

Modify an incorrect duct factor for duct in conditioned space

Simplify water heating to remove input rating from CF1R

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