EnergyPro 4.8

EnergyPro 45L tax credit software has allowed builders to more effectively take advantage of this $2,0000 tax credit for qualified homes verified by a Rater. Builders and developers can claim the tax credit retroactively for up to three years.

Please note that all prior versions of EnergyPro 45L software have been decertified including:

*   EnergyPro v4.4

*   EnergyPro v4.6

*   EnergyPro v4.6.1

*   EnergyPro v4.7

EnergyPro 4.8 is distributed by CHEERS 45L Inc. To request EnergyPro 4.8 please contact: 

Francene DuPre

CHEERS 45L Inc. Director of Sales


Download the 45L FAQ to learn more.


“EnergyPro 45L tax credit software helped us to take advantage of an important tax credit and without EnergyPro this would not have been possible.”

Becky Naulty, Purchasing Manager

American Legend Homes


“EnergyPro 45L software provided by CHEERS is the sole reason we were able to get 45L tax credits for all our builders. Without EnergyPro our builders would have missed out on multi-millions of dollars in tax credits. CHEERS has been very helpful throughout the entire process.”

Jeremiah Ellis, Vice President

DuctTesters, Inc

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