EnergyPro 7.2 Update

We have posted a major update to EnergyPro that you should install as soon as possible. This version includes some very significant changes to both the Residential and Nonresidential calculations. We have listed those below. Also, for Nonresidential users, the CEC is rolling out all new Prescriptive Compliance forms that streamline the forms considerably. We encourage you to read the posting we have at this page on these new forms.  Go to Help | Check for Updates to install this update.

** Important ** Older versions will be decertified on October 24, 2017. Older versions cannot read the new 7.2.0 files

Added new CBECC Res and CBECC com calculation engines, calculated results will differ.

Added new LTI and LTO Prescriptive compliance forms.

Expanded list of NEEA rated Heat Pump Water Heaters

Removed Pipe Insulation option for DHW since it is mandatory

Added option for Residential below deck roof insulation that covers the framing members in Assembly Editor

Added extra tab in Assembly Editor to reorganize the inputs based upon calculation applicability

Residential one coat stucco exterior wall finish option no longer includes the R-4 insulation automatically.

Added modeling for Central Fan Integrated Ventilation systems with variable flow fans, Top Level of Tree Residential Tab

Added modeling for Chilled Beam systems to the Nonresidential T24 Performance modeling

Added construction layers for metal building walls.

Added Solid and Glass Door Automatic Closer option related to HVAC lockout controls in Fenestration editor

Updated Samsung equipment libraries and modeling curves for VRF

Added Heat Pump Water Heaters for Commercial occupancies

Nonresidential HVAC Central Systems can now be left Undefined and they will be auto-defined to defaults

Switched to new Uniform Energy Factor metric for DHW

Expanded lighting control selections on the Forms LTI and LTO tabs for indoor/outdoor lighting controls

Removed the Complete Building Occupancies from the Zone Occupancies (not valid for Performance anymore)

QII credit may now be used in Existing + Addition approaches (credit applied only to new Zones)

Added Battery modeling for Residential EDR ratings at the Top Level of the Tree, PV tab.

Added California Advanced Home Program inputs under the Calculation Options

Updated CEC Appliance directories and utility rates databases

Added Wall Extension checkbox to walls for the Prescriptive Addition Exception

Added Existing Floor Area for Additions to top level of Building Tree.

Updates to residential lighting to categorize the residential lighting as Non-Compliance to exclude it from reporting in the Compliance Totals. Residential lighting will now be reported below the Compliance Total in the Other Ltg category

Added DOASVAV and DOASCV system types to facilitate modeling 100% OA DOAS systems.

Add support for modeling buildings/zones designed to not have cooling.

Revise the prescribed Retail Merchandise Sales, Wholesale Showroom Occupant Density to 16.67 people/1000ft2.

Add new ZnSys:Type – Furnace, as well as additional SubType options following the categories in Table E-2 of the 2016 Appliance Standards.

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