EnergyPro 9.1.1

Multifamily Additions and Alterations are not working in this update, the CEC will probably have that working in the August? 9.2 update. However, this version (as released as SP1 from the CEC), does address a multitude of other issues. Pease go to Help | Check for Updates. If that does not work, please go to the Downloads section of our site and install from there. Features include:

Added in new CBECC 2.1 SP1 engine for Nonres

Added in new CBECC-Res 2.1 SP1 engine for Res.

Added Steam Traps for NRCC-PRC form

Enhanced UPS inputs for NRCC-PRC form

Slight changes to HP supplemental Heating Coil inputs

Added HP boiler modeling for Nonres applications (see Nonres AWHP.bld)

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