EnergyPro V7.0

At the February 10, 2016 business meeting, the California Energy Commission approved the new EnergyPro Version 7.0 for use with the 2016 Nonresidential Title 24 Standards scheduled for implementation on January 1, 2017. This follows on the heels of their approval of the software at the January business meeting for use with the Residential Standards.

In use since 1985, EnergyPro continues to be the only software approved for both the Residential and Nonresidential Title 24 Standards, and is the only commercial software package approved for use with the upcoming 2016 Title 24 standards.

EnergySoft is now shipping the software for early adopters who wish to start evaluating building designs. To thank our loyal customers who have stuck with us during the turmoil of this code cycle, we are offering a substantial discount to current users on the new software. Information is posted at

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