How do I convert a version 4 EnergyPro file to a version 5 EnergyPro file?

Version 4 requires a 32-bit operating system on your computer since it is a very old version.

In order to convert a version 4 file to a version 5 file, you must have version 4 and version 5 on your computer. Version 4 does not need to be unlocked, just installed on your computer. The following link will take you directly to a version 4 download: Once you have both versions on your computer, open the file you want to convert in version 5, just like you would open any other file. The software will ask if you want to convert, select yes.

When you convert a version 4 file into version 5, you will be told that all construction assemblies will need to be updated. The assemblies are different in the two versions and cannot convert automatically. The easiest way to do this is to go into the assembly library, select all assemblies (by selecting the top assembly, holding shift, and then selecting the bottom assembly) and hitting delete.

Building Assembly

You will be asked if you want to delete the following item:… Select ‘Yes To All’. The program will not delete the assemblies being used in the model. You now have a list of assemblies used in this particular model. Highlight each assembly then re-define them by clicking the import button, and selecting a new assembly.

You will have to do this for all assembly types (walls, floors…) used in your model.

Once a file is converted to version 5, It cannot be converted back to version 4, so you might want to save as before converting.

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