What is the Compressor/Condenser Power input for? (Input is found in the Central System Dialog box | Cooling Tab | EER input for the mechanical cooling)

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If you are modeling large packaged equipment (greater than 75,000 Btuh cooling) this type of equipment is not rated with an SEER.  Rather, an EERis typically provided by the manufacturer.  In EnergyPro, we provide you with two options for modeling this type of equipment:

1. Input an EER

2. Input a kW rating for the “Compressor/Condenser”

When rating an EER, the manufacturer includes fan power as part of the total figure, as they should.  However, to properly model these systems,

EnergyPro must take out the fan power, since you have already input this figure in the Fan tab, and develop an energy rating that just models the “Compressor/Condenser”.  To make matters worse, the fan power that the manufacturer included in their EER rating is probably a different number than the value you input in the fan tab.  The final twist is that the CEC specifies the amount of fan power that EnergyPro is required to remove, which does not correspond with either figure.

The solution to this problem is to use the second modeling option listed above.  By inputting just the “Compressor/Condenser” kW, you have already done the work of prying apart these numbers for EnergyPro.  The net result is that your system will be modeled correctly.

Next issue – Your system also has a pump, since it is a Mammoth/Governair/Etc. brand of system that has an evaporatively cooled condenser.  No problem.  Include the pumping energy in the “Compressor/Condenser” kW.

The obvious question, then, is why do we even provide an EER input for these systems? 

Because the ACM manual requires that we give you that option for inputs, and in many cases you really are not overly concerned about super accurate modeling.  Your client just wants a permit tomorrow, and the engineer spec’d an EER on the plans.

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