What is the process for CF-1R registration?

1.       The first step is to establish an account with CHEERS who is a HERS provider that will register the EnergyPro projects at no charge to you (the others charge a fee). There is no charge to establish an account with them.     Their website is  www.cheers.org.

  1. The next step is to put some money on your account with EnergySoft so that you can automatically do the registrations. We recommend that you put at least enough for 10 projects so you do not have to repeat this process, but you can put any amount from $7 on up.  This is also done from the Tools | Register CF-1R screen.
  2. Now you can open your project and are ready to register your project from the Tools | Register CF-1R screen. Simply click Register CF-1R and your project will be saved to disk as an encrypted XML file.
  3. Now you can upload your XML file to the CHEERS website.

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