Why am I getting a message about Occupancy Sensor Ventilation Controls?

The message you are getting comes from CBECC Com and looks something like this:

2019-06-25 14:20:49 – Error:  Space ‘S-1-Retail Zone’ requires occupancy sensor ventilation devices as per Section 120.1(d)5. Please confirm that occupancy sensor controls will be installed as per the requirements listed in Section120.1(d)5 evaluating rule: Set CHECKCODE Spc:OccSensorCtrl  (25:’Space-Ventilation.rule’ line 3777)

At the Zone level of the tree, Mechanical Tab, you must check the box for Occupancy Sensor Ventilation controls.  As outlined in the message, this is a mandatory control now specified in Section 120.1(d)5.  If you do not understand the requirement, please review this code section carefully.  Your alternative is to choose another occupancy type.


Categories: 8. Nonresidential Title 24 Performance

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