Reply To: 2 story duplex


Robert Minor

I have a similar project except both units are new.  For the upper unit the lower assembly is from the interior surface option and is called out as a R-19 floor with no crawlspace with the ‘next to a different dwelling unit clicked’.

For the lower unit for the ceiling it’s the interior surface option again but this time I used R-30 with no crawlspace because that’s at least how good the insulation has to be with another unit above, thinking of going with R-38 actually and would like to know what is an acceptable amount of insulation to call out when one has a unit above with a roof above that that is insulated?

We are using ductless mini splits so the lower unit modeled okay with the ductless options clicked on the distribution tab for the HVAC options and a heat pump selected. At first I made the mistake of clicking the FAU/AC and it won’t calc that way as the software is assuming it will be ducted if that’s clicked.

Hope that helps and if anyone has an answer on how much insulation it’s okay to call out for a floor above a unit that has an insulated roof above that or the correct way to model that please post it up.