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    We sized a house for instantaneous gas water heaters.  Due to the whirlpool bath and multiple bathrooms, it needs two 180kbtuh tankless.  When we model one tankless of any size, the house passes. When we model two tankless of the proper size, the house no longer passes. The difference is about 10%.

    Does anyone know why or how to get around it? These are being modeled at 95% efficiency, and we did try “insulate all pipes” and all the other good ways to get some credits.

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    Pat Splitt

    This result is total B.S. Assuming the residential demand is the same for both options, the energy use for one or two tank-less systems should be identical. However, two tank water heaters would use more energy, due to additional standby losses.

    While still not correct, try modeling one each domestic water heater 1, plus one each domestic water heater 2. This seems to provide a better result.

    Pat Splitt

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