Duct Heater Modeling

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    I am trying to figure out how to model a duct heater. The duct heater is a 2 kW electric resistance heat element that gets inserted in a branch of duct that serves one room. This allows for supplementary heating for this one room. I have attached a cutsheet of the heater for reference.

    The designer is using a gas fired rooftop packaged unit to heat/cool a zone with 5 rooms adjacent to the exterior and 1 interior room. The thermostat will be located in one of the exterior rooms, so the concern is the interior room either being over-cooled in the summer, or not heated enough in the winter.  The duct heater is intended for the 1 interior room to address this concern. The duct heater will be able to add supplementary heat to this room as needed.

    Since the duct heater is only associated with this one room on the system (not the overall system and not the overall zone), how does this get modeled in EnergyPro?

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    Thanks for the input. I will model this as a separate system/zone, I will specify that this system gets outside air from the true system that the room is served by, and I will break off a portion of the true system’s design fan power and CFM and distribute it to the separate system representing the duct heater.




    My suggestion is to break this out as a separate System/Zone, with an electric heating system serving as the HVAC system.

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