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    Our company does a lot of convenience stores. We just started designing our first with the 2019 code. It is approximately a 2000 SF store with a big sales area, an office, restrooms and a utility space. The facility is served by two rooftop units with no zone control. When I ran Energy Pro the program returned the error that the office,  restrooms and utility room needed occupancy sensors. Reading the code I found an exception to the rule for retail spaces. Since the small rooms are served by the same unit that serves the sales area the sensors will never turn the unit off. The question is: Can I model all the rooms under the “Sales” zone so that the sensors are not required?

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    Turns out the CEC has rethought this issue and just published info on this in the latest Blueprint.  Bottom line, you don’t need it.  But since the message comes from the CEC side, we cannot get around it.  You need to check the box at the Zone level of the tree, but are not required to implement this.  We are hoping the next update they give us in Feb will have this messaging turned off.

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