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    I have the T24 residential module only. I select the Room Heating Peak Loads & Room Cooling Peak Loads forms to print. But they do not print.

    I am assuming that these forms are the equivalent of the Residential Room Cooling Load Summary & Room Heating Peak Loads forms from previous versions. I relied on the information on these forms to tell me which building elements used the most energy, so I could modify the design accordingly. Without this information, I am reduced to poking around in the dark.

    Are these forms no longer included with this module? If not, which module should I purchase to access them? Or is there some problem with my installation or my .bld file?

    Standard UI design includes greying out of controls for unavailable features. Better yet would be to provide an explanation of why the features are unavailable. But EPro allows users to select forms for unpurchased modules. An oversight, IMHO.

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