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Designer and developer of EnergyPro, COMPLY 24 and the California Energy Commission’s Perform energy compliance software used for both residential and nonresidential Title 24 compliance analysis.  Provide user support on EnergyPro, COMPLY 24 and Perform 95/98/2001 with over 1000 program users throughout California.


Extensive experience with DOE-2 in the modeling of commercial buildings including application of advanced DOE-2 features such as Daylighting, TES and Evaporative Cooling.  Developer of the only certified versions of DOE-2.1E (DOE-24 & Win/DOE) in California and Canada.


Worked with the City of San Jose, Office of Environmental Management, to perform DOE-2.1D computer energy analysis of building in support of the Innovative Designs and Energy Analysis Service (I.D.E.A.S.).  



Knowledge and on-site use of Title 24 Energy Analysis­ Programs


  • EnergyPro
  • COMPLY 24
  • DOE-24 & Win/DOE (Compliance Versions of DOE-2.1E)
  • Res-Sim (Hourly Residential Simulation)
  • Perform 2005
  • MICROPAS, Version 4.0
  • CALRES, Version 2.0


Knowledge and on-site use of other Energy Analysis Programs


  • DOE-2.2
  • DOE 2.1E
  • VisualDOE
  • Equest


Average Monthly Title 24 Compliance Activity


  • EnergySoft does an average of approximately 15 Residential and 15 Non­residential Title 24 compliance analyses per month.


Fee Structure



$100. /hour (US)

Senior Associate

$80. /hour (US)


$70. /hour (US)


$55. /hour (US)


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