NRM10: Nonresidential Title 24 Streamlined

On September 8, 2017 the CEC began rolling out an entirely new set of forms designed to streamline the paperwork for Nonresidential Prescriptive projects as well as Mandatory Measures. They refer to these forms as Dynamic, as they adjust in length according to the complexity of the project, and thus in most cases streamline the amount of pages needed. These forms replace the traditional forms introduced at the beginning of the 2016 code cycle.

EnergySoft has begun the process of incorporating these forms as they are released by the CEC as an optional form in our software. We are offering a new module to print out this formwork if you want to use them in place of the old versions, NRM10: Nonresidential Title 24 Streamlined. This new module will enable your current Prescriptive and Mandatory modules to print these new forms, in addition to the older forms still in use. You can add this to your current modules as follows –

Users with only one Prescriptive or Mandatory Module: $50.

Users with two Modules: $100.

Users with three or more Modules: $150.

Users with multiple seats will receive our usual extra seat 75% – 82% discount off these prices

Contact sales if you wish to add this new module.

Please be sure to read the CEC Troubleshooting Guide to these new forms.

Q: I just got the program at the beginning of the code cycle, am I required to now purchase another module?

A: No, this is an optional module.

Q: Will building departments require these new forms?

A: That would be up to the local jurisdiction, but given the newer dates on these forms, it is likely they would want the latest versions.

Q: What is the advantage of these new forms?

A: These new forms have considerably less pages than the old forms and combine as many as 6+ forms into a single form.

Q: If I purchase this module, can I print ALL of the new Prescriptive/Mandatory forms?

A: You can print only those forms related to the particular module you already have purchased.

Q: How do I select these new forms to print?

A: Under the NR T24 Prescriptive report selections, at the bottom of the list you will find these new reports.

Q: When I print the new form, it shows up as a separate PDF for printing, can I get a single PDF?

A: No, due to the nature of these types of forms, they cannot be combined with other forms or pages so each Certificate will show up as a separate PDF, not as an integrated report like the old forms.

Q: What PDF software do I need?

A: The CEC has designed these new forms so they will ONLY work with Adobe Acrobat (Free Reader or Pro) not other PDF tools like BlueBeam.

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