EnergyPro 8.2.1

We have just posted the 8.2.1 update that includes a significant number of new features.  Either go to Help | Check for Updates, or download and install it directly from our website (you will need to remove the old version first if you go the second route).  New features include:

Corrections for modeling VRF systems under 65,000 Btuh.

Nonres Prescriptive forms updates

SMUD SolarShares modeling for PV

Res and Nonres CBECC engine updates (v1.3)

New Tier 4 Heat Pump Water Heaters added

New large Central Heat Pump Water Heater modeling for Multi-Family. New Multi-Family PV offset for electric DHW (see the PV tab)

Added new Import Electric Utility Rates feature to access the NREL website.

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