Demand Side Management

  • Developed the Whole Building Approach for PG&E as part of the Savings By Design incentive program.
  • Performed energy analysis and incentive calculation and documentation for PG&E, SDG&E and SCG in support of the Savings By Design Programs for 2001, 2005 and 2008.
  • Performed energy analysis and plan check services in support of the San Diego Gas & Electric Company Title 24 Plus program.
  • Plan checkers for Pacific Gas & Electric Company’s California Comfort Home program, which provides incentives for energy conservation features in new residential construction.
  • Performed DOE-2 parametric run analysis for PG&E to develop the 1992 and 1995 Performance By Design incentive programs for new commercial construction.
  • Developed DOE-2 incentive modeling and guidelines for non-Title 24 occupancies including hospitals and prisons for PG&E Performance By Design Health Care and Performance By Design – Correctional Facilities programs.
  • Provided technical review services on rebate applications for PG&E’s Commercial New Construction incentive program from 1995 through 1999. Provided DOE-2 energy analysis and design recommendations on over 70 projects for PG&E’s Advanced Performance Options (APO) retrofit incentive program. Provided DOE-2 energy analysis and financial analysis resulting in over 40 million kWh in recommended savings for Tailored Energy Planning Assistance (TEPA) as part of PG&E’s 1998 Design Assistance Program.Developed and implemented the Integrated Design Assistance program for PG&E as part of the 1998 Design Assistance Program, including policies and procedures, seminars, and printed materials.
  • Developed software enhancements for modeling tools for the SCE Performance Plus performance-based incentive program.
  • Provided analysis and incentive calculations for the PG&E Customized performance-based incentive program designed for retrofit building applications.
  • Provided software enhancements and modeling services for the PG&E Off Peak Cooling program designed for thermal energy storage applications.
  • Provided all energy analysis work on the Cisco Systems Site 4 19 building campus.  Winner of Energy User News Energy Team of the Year Award andNew Construction Efficient Building of the Year Award.

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