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    Midway through the 2016 code cycle, the CEC took the older Nonresidential Prescriptive compliance forms and developed a new set of forms that are dynamic in nature and adjust the length of the report based upon the amount of information. Thus, in most cases the final report will be much shorter in length. They also combined the numerous forms into a single form so for instance, the LTI-01 through LTI-07 became the LTI-E.

    These reports cannot be included in the main report and table of contents. Due to the nature of these types of PDFs, these forms can only be printed as a standalone form, they cannot be combined together with other reports you are issuing.

    These new forms are published by the CEC, and the CEC has chosen an implementation that is only compatible with Adobe Acrobat products (including the free Reader version). You must configure Adobe as your primary PDF client in Windows. You may wish to contact your PDF provider for product updates that may give you the ability to read these forms.

    Once you generate the form from EnergyPro, it will then be available in Adobe for minor edits. However, you need to be careful as major edits such as adding new lines to the tables can “break” the form so we suggest that you try to do all of your edits in EnergyPro.

    These forms are not really PDFs, they are a LiveCycle form, and hence cannot be imported into AutoCAD directly. From inside Adobe, print the form to the Adobe PDF printer, this will issue a PDF version of the form that can then be brought into AutoCAD.

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