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    This question refers to brand new freestanding ADU’s (not garage conversions) treated as new residential building and thus subject to PV requirements.

    Scenario #1:  An ADU is proposed.  The main residence already has an installed PV with enough capacity to meet the majority of the main house and ADU requirements.  Both residences will be fed from the same utility meter.  In most residential systems, the serving utility will not add a separate service/meter for the second residence.  The owner wants to use the current PV’s excess production to meet the ADU’s requirements.

    Scenario #2:  This is a variation of #1.  New ADU is proposed, but there is no existing solar.  Owner wants to install a PV system of sufficient capacity for the existing house as well as the ADU.

    I cannot find anything in Standards or in the Residential Compliance that directly addresses the issue of a single PV system (existing or proposed) feeding a single utility meter serving the main residence and proposed ADU.

    I’m interested in how others have addressed these situation.


    David Inger (Certifications, Licenses and Condemnations delated for brevity)

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    #1 the PV system should be new but if a substantial argument could be made that the existing system can provide enough for both, then by all means prove it.

    #2 you are good on this one to have 1 system for both.


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