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    Hi all good souls reading this post.

    Hope you are all safe and well.

    I have a question about one of our Multi-family project:

    1. This is Non-residential multi-family project, complied using <u>Energy Pro 7 and 2016 code.</u>
    2. We have the case where we use two different HVAC systems for the same dwelling unit: ducted Fan Coil and ductless mini-split. Thus, we have to break up one dwelling unit into two portions, each is served by the respected HVAC system.
    3. The trouble we are facing is that because we break up one dwelling unit into two, the total number of dwelling unit show in the T-24 report does not match the dwelling unit of the project.

    Do you have any solution/suggestion to correct this problem ?

    This is 2016 code project, so we need to use Energy Pro V7.

    Thank you.

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    Thank you for your help.

    Actually, the residential unit is served by Multi-indoor unit ( one Outdoor Condensing Unit serving 1 residential units, but we use Ductless Fan Coil for the bedroom and Ducted Fan Coil for the Living Room/kitchen ). So I modeled the Condensing Unit with minimum SEER & EER.

    This is weird, but let’s see if the plan checker says anything.

    I really appreciate your help!



    Take a look at this forum response. I had a similar question and they said we needed to combine the systems and zones into 1.


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