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    Aside from installing solar hot water systems, are there any other options to comply with an electric instantaneous water heater? Often times the negative impact of having one of these in the calculations is so great that I can’t pass it without solar.

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    Pat Splitt


    If the vacation home is small enough, and there is good solar access, you could use a roof mounted ICS solar water heater such as a “Sunbank SB-40G.” The collector includes 40 gal. storage and can include an internal electric backup heating element. There would be no additional water heater. The problem is that the latest version of the Performance software will not model this OG-300 type system! I am using this system now for a small ADU. I had to model it using EnergyPro 8.0 however, which WILL model OG-300 solar systems.

    Pat Splitt


    Robert Minor

    One would think that if one was using solar to juice it there would be a better allowance for that.  The CEC seems to be so rigid.



    I have not been able to find anyway to get a electric instantaneous water heater to pass.  🙁   Last week I worked on a vacation home, they wanted to go all electric, had plenty of solar and did not have any room for a tank heat pump.  It would have worked great for them but I could not find a way to get it to work.

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