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    I am trying to run a Nonresidential Title 24 Performance Calculation in the new Energy Pro 8. I set up a simple model and when I go to calculate I get the message,

    “Calculation Error

    The Calculation failed with an exception.

    Could not find file ‘C:\Users\BradleyP\Documents\EnergyPro8\Results\Test Energy Pro 8 NRT24Perf\Test Energy Pro 8.log’.”


    I set up this same model in Energy Pro 7 and it worked fine. I have never seen this error message before. If anyone could assist that would be much appreciated. Thank you!

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    Being that split-system heat pump water heaters are a more rare type of system, I would question what the software’s input for “Residential heat pump water heater location” is actually asking for/assuming. It is likely treating the heat pump water heater as a combined system and therefore assuming the compressor and storage tank are installed in the same location that you input into the software (which is not the case for the split-system heat pump). I don’t know if the software has a way to account for this. Would anyone from EnergySoft be able to comment on this?

    Since this error comes straight from the CEC’s calculation engine, I would recommend that you reach out the CBECC res and try and describe what is going on and the error you are receiving. If you get an answer, I’m sure everyone would appreciate it if you shared it here.

    Here is the email for the CBECC res support team.



    I am trying to model two Sanden split-system heat pump water heaters.  The heat pumps are outside.  The storage tanks are inside the building.  By changing the location of the heat pump to inside the mechanical room I was able to make this error go away but is that the only solution?  How else could I fix this error?

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    Thank you so much!  I deleted the overhangs and sidefins.  Those errors went away.  It is a cooling dominated climate so I included them in my model.  Thanks to your detailed description, I now see where my error is.  I have multiple windows on the same wall.  Each one had the same x and y positions.  Duh, they do overlap!  I’ll fix those and add them back to the model.





    See attached image illustrating how to view the CBECC log file. In my experience, the CBECC log file isn’t the most helpful with troubleshooting errors.

    Based on your error, it sounds like you have modeled overhangs or sidefins. Doing this requires you to input the location of window and door elements within each wall. The error indicates that one or more of your window/door elements have been specified in the same location on the wall, i.e. they “overlap”.

    I would recommend clicking through each of your wall elements in which there is a door or a window and verify the wall widths and wall heights are accurate. I would then click through the windows and doors in each wall and verify the widths, heights, and X and Y position on wall are accurate. If you do this, you will likely find that one or more of the window/door elements are overlapping on your walls.

    I have found it helpful to do a little sketch drawing for each wall, in which the wall is drawn  based on the width and height input into the model and then the windows and doors are drawn onto the wall based on the specified width, height and X and Y position or each window and door in the model.

    Also, I have been told that modeling sidefins and overhangs is optional. We typically avoid doing it because it complicates the model so much. We will only model them if needed for compliance. I have rarely needed to include them to get a model to comply.

    Also note that in heating climates, sidefins and overhangs typically hurt you on compliance.

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    Where do I find the CBECC Log?  I’m getting errors such as this:

    The simulation failed because of errors in the building model:  (Click on View CBECC Log under the Calculation Options)

    wall# with overlapping windows/doors as follows:  win”windows156″ overlapps win “windows157”

    I have not found the “View CBECC Log” to help me troubleshoot these errors.  I appreciate any help.  I reinstalled EnergyPro 8 yesterday.



    Ok I fixed it. I deleted the program and reinstalled it. There seemed to be an issue with the Microsoft visual studio that was installed. After I resolved those issues and booted the program back up after reinstalling it my models that said they complied now have the water mark removed. Thank you for all your help! ;P



    Yes that fixed it! Thank you!

    Now on to my next problem. I can now get the report (Form PRF-01-E Certification of Compliance) to generate (I am running a Nonresidential Title 24 Performance calculation) and in the report on the second page under the C1 tab it says “Complies.” However there is a water mark on each page that says “Not useable for compliance.” Please let me know if I need to provide you with any additional information to resolve my problem. Thank you!

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    During the installation, chances are Windows blocked the installation of one (or all) of these components needed to run.





    Try installing them.

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