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    I have encountered a calculation error after updating/installing EnergyPro

    I have a building which has a clerestory. I have modeled the space in two seperate zones to accommodate the difference the roof height. The two zones are served by a single zoned packaged unit. I have been able to calculate this model prior to the EnergyPro I now get an error, “thermalzone ‘xyz’ is comprised of spaces that span different building story objects. this is currently not allowed. evaluating rule: set checkcode thrmlzn;numstory (60: ‘thermalzone-general.rule’ line 1495)”

    Does anyone have a suggestion on how to model a clerestory?


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    Thank you Butch. That is a good suggestion.

    I ended up creating a new zone. This clerestory is on a warehouse with a high ceiling/roof. I created a new zone, and used a common roof/ceiling height for all spaces.





    Bryan, suggest you average the roof heights for the area where the clerestory occurs rather than try to add a separate zone.

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