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    Robert Minor

    We have a project with two garden windows, been trying to remember how they need to be modeled, think every surface on them except for the bottom needs to be accounted for but not sure.

    Any insight into this is appreciated.



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    Robert Minor

    Hi Pat and Patti, thanks for the help! I opened the table and can see that, sure enough, garden windows are listed so I’ll go ahead and use the opening size and go from there.  I’m not clear on what Patti means with her post asking if they make the req(uiered) values, maybe she could clarify that a little but anyway I have a direction to go  on it so I’m happy about that.

    Thanks again,



    Pat Splitt

    Just model the wall opening dimensions for each Garden Window and use the u-factors from Table 110.6-A.

    Pat Splitt



    do they make the req values?

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    Patti Van Guilder
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