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    How would you model a sunroom addition that is entirely glass including the roof? There is no place to install any insulation anywhere but the I believe I would have to add a roof or wall assembly anyways?

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    Robert Minor

    This is an interesting question because I have seen permitted sunrooms that were definitely habitable space and all glass.  That was a couple of code cycles back but even then it would have been very difficult to accomplish.  I remember wondering what the R/U value of the glass must have been to achieve compliance.  Be a lot easier to see it working if it could have a roof with insulation.

    Patti has a good point on the livability issue, sunrooms can be like big solar dehydrators……



    The other option is to be able to close it off from the house and not have it be part of the conditioned area. There are advantages to the livability of the house in doing this.

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    You would model a standard wall/roof, if only so that you can make it all glass.


    You will HAVE to do an E+A+A and hope they are improving enough on the existing home to make this work.

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