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    Donna Wallace

    Today’s project includes alterations to an existing non-residential building.  According to Standards Section 141.0, an altered wood-framed wall is required to have a minimum of R-11 insulation between the framing members or the weighted average U-factor of the wall assembly not exceeding U-0.110.  Altered windows in Climate Zone 11 are required to have a maximum 0.47 U-factor.  The altered walls and windows in my project meet these requirements.  When I run the prescriptive method calculation, I get two error messages:  1)  The wood-framed wall must have a 0.045 U-factor and 2)  The windows must have a 0.36 U-factor.  These are the requirements for new construction.  Should my building be able to comply using the values in Standards Section 141.0?

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    Are you looking at what is being stated on the screen of EP8, or in the actual NRCC-ENV form?

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