Mandatory Measures and Process

EnergyPro Version 6.7 offers two new modules for compliance with the 2013 Mandatory Measures sections as well as the Process Load Compliance.  The Mandatory Measures module will issue the new ELC, SRA and CXR forms that are required on most, if not all projects.

For those dealing with Process type items such as Kitchens, Parking Garages, Computer Rooms etc, we now have the module that will produce the PRC compliance forms.  See this feature in EnergyPro at the top level of the building tree, in the Forms tab.


World Class Building Energy Analysis Services

compasAs one of the leading energy analysis firms in the country, EnergySoft has been providing consulting services and software to clients worldwide since 1982.  We specialize in Building Energy Performance Modeling and have completed over 10,000 projects to date.  For more information on our products and services, click on the firm information above , sign up to attend one of our free seminars, or give us a call.

EnergyPro Software

roomOf all the software currently certified for use with the Title 24 Standards, EnergyPro is the only program certified for use with BOTH Residential and Nonresidential Buildings. Why rely on an unsupported tool or complicated 3D input tools for your Title 24 calculations when you can have the easiest to use and most productive software in the marketplace.  Our software has the longest history in this marketplace, with other tools being around for only a year or two so see why smart consultants use our software by trying out our demonstration version under Downloads.

Green Building Specialists

EnergySoft Building LogoLooking to maximize your LEED EAc1 Points, explore potential rebates from Savings by Design, or comply with California’s Title 24? Let EnergySoft leverage its extensive array of modeling techniques, the power of EnergyPro, and our 30  years of experience go to work for you.