2019 NR Prescriptive

EnergyPro 8 issues the new 2019 Prescriptive Title 24 forms, generated by the CEC’s online reporting webservice.  This allows us to bring you the latest and greatest forms, and also is ready for the registration process that is coming. 

The first requirement here is that you are using Windows 10, this will not work on Windows 8 or Windows 7 computers.

This also means you MUST have full access to the Internet.  Should EnergyPro fail to generate these forms, please contact your IT people and have them disable ALL security blocking to allow for the generation of the forms.  We can do nothing from our side if they are blocking access to the forms site and you must have an active Internet connection. 

Access to the following site is required:  https://nonresdocs.com.  Note that does not mean you can access it via you web browser.  It is a secure site, just like the Microsoft update server.  While Windows can access their server, you cannot.  The forms site works the same way, so IT needs to remove any blocking for your EnergyPro to access it.

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