EnergyPro 9

Click Here to Download EnergyPro Version 9.3.1

This version incorporates the new CBECC 3.1 released by the CEC in July 2024.

Important installation note:  A Microsoft component will be installed during the installation.  After the install it may offer you the choice to Update it or to Cancel.  Select CANCEL and continue the installation.

Be sure to read the FAQ below, and download the order forms, or contact to purchase.

Version:  9.3.1

Last Updated: July 2024

Older Versions:

Version 9.2.2

Version 9.2.1

First Time EnergyPro Users

Please see the EnergyPro Order Form

Current EnergyPro Users

Please see the EnergyPro Update Order Form

  • 64-bit Windows Operating System (Windows 10 or 11)
  • Hard Disk: 1 GB of free space
  • RAM: 4 GB
  • High speed Internet connection (cable or dsl) for downloading updates and issuing Certificates of Compliance

Version 9 FAQs

Can Older versions of EnergyPro read the Version 9 files?

No. Due to a major overhaul of the occupancies in the 2022 Code cycle, you CANNOT read an EnergyPro 9 file into older versions. Once the file has been saved in EnergyPro 9, you cannot use it in the older versions.

Are there training classes on Version 9?

Yes, we now offer FREE training classes on the new version.  Please look at our seminar offerings here.

Can I do Prescriptive Compliance for Multifamily with EnergyPro 9?

No, given the large amount of work involved with the new LMCC compliance forms, we have opted to only support Performance based compliance for Multifamily occupancies.

Can I keep EnergyPro 8 on my computer once I install Version 9?

Yes, we encourage you to leave version 8 on for a least a year to deal with revisions to older projects.

Can EnergyPro 9 read older files?

EnergyPro 9 can read all Version 7 and Version 8 files, but not 6 files.  You would need to open and save a Version 6 file in Version 7 or 8.

When does EnergyPro 9 go into effect?

EnergyPro 9 is designed for the 2022 code effective on permit applications January 1, 2023 and later.

Is it harder to comply using this new version?

Yes, the 2022 code is considerably tougher than the 2019 code, so compliance is more difficult.  Be sure to go to the Support section of our website and look at the FAQs there.

I currently own an older version of EnergyPro, will I have to pay full price?

No, existing users always get a substantial discount on our new versions, as in the past.

How do I get the discount on the new version for existing users?

Please see the EnergyPro Update Order Form. You must contact

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