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3. CF-1R Registration

We have detailed instructions here on how to register your CF1R

When you register a project with EnergyPro you will be prompted to “Save As” during the registration process. It is up to you to select where you would like to save the .XML file in order to locate it when it is time to upload the file to the appropriate HERS provider to complete the registration process. It is easiest to save to file to your desktop.

* If you cannot remember where you chose to save the .XML file, you will have to go through the registration process again. Credits for re-registrations can be obtained by emailing

In cases where the CF-1R requires HERS verification in the field for certain measures, the CF-1R will include the watermark.  This means that the CF-1R data must be registered with a HERS provider, generally CHEERS or CalCERTS.  You will need to establish an account with them and upload the data for your project.  Then, they will issue a registered version of the CF-1R that does not include the watermark.

As long as the project was originally run in EnergyPro V7.2.5 or above, the software will recognize that this is a re-registration and will notify you that you will not be charged.

If the software does notify you that you will be charged again, that means it was either not run in 7.2.5, or you have made changes to the Project Title (Name/Address), or to the registration name or plan name.  This is treated as a new project and the software will charge for that.  In either case we do not recommend that your overwrite your old XML file.

Credit for duplicate registrations will require you to submit both the old and the new XML file for review by support, and credit given at their discretion.  Before you request this, confirm in the Activity tab that is shows the duplicate charge.

EnergySoft will charge you $7 to register the CF-1R. This will be subtracted from your account balance automatically.

1.       The first step is to establish an account with CHEERS who is a HERS provider that will register the EnergyPro projects at no charge to you (the others charge a fee). There is no charge to establish an account with them.     Their website is

  1. The next step is to put some money on your account with EnergySoft so that you can automatically do the registrations. We recommend that you put at least enough for 10 projects so you do not have to repeat this process, but you can put any amount from $7 on up.  This is also done from the Tools | Register CF-1R screen.
  2. Now you can open your project and are ready to register your project from the Tools | Register CF-1R screen. Simply click Register CF-1R and your project will be saved to disk as an encrypted XML file.
  3. Now you can upload your XML file to the CHEERS website.

The HERS provider website will give you the ability to put your signature on the CF-1R automatically when you setup your account. The Project Designer will still need to place their signature via the HERS provider website. You can get more information on this process at the HERS provider website.

Once you register a project your account will be debited the registration fee.  We cannot do anything for you at that point.  Please do not call us and request a refund as we have no way to process it, nor is it worth your time or ours to deal with such a small fee.  The software will warn you before it charges your account, so you have the ability to say no at that point.

Under Tools | CF-1R registrations, there is a tab that will allow you to add funds.  Note that all payment processing is handled by PayPal and we collect no credit card information.  You do not need a PayPal account with this option.  Another option is to send a check to us, and we can add funds to your account, but this will take a few days.

Your EnergySoft account is tied to your EnergyPro user number, so your office will have one account with us for the purposes of funds.     You can have as many people in your office that have a licensed version of EnergyPro registratiing projects using that account.     Fees will come out of your account with EnergySoft each time a project is registered.     As far as the HERS provider account, you can choose to have individual accounts for each person in your office on each computer, or a single account. That is your choice, you decide what works best.

You will need to re-register the project from within EnergyPro, and then re-upload the file to CHEERS or CalCerts.

Under Tools | CF-1R registrations, there is a tab that will show you all account activity related to your EnergySoft account.

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