Error 1011

The HVAC System you have entered is not a Gas Furnace / Air Conditioner system, but is another type of system such as a Heat Pump, etc. The CEC has configured the Compliance Manager so that it will only allow the modeling of a Zonal Control system on conventional Furnace / AC systems.

You can still install this system, however you cannot take compliance credit for the home as being Zonal Control.

Zonal Control systems are specified under the Zone level of the tree, under the Occupancy type. If you have selected Res Sleeping or Res Living, this is considered Zonal Control.

You can change your HVAC system over to a conventional Furnace / AC system by editing the system at the System level of the Tree.

You can remove the Zonal Control designation at the Zone level of the tree by changing the Occupancy Type to Conditioned.

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