Error 1018

The building tree contains more than one Conditioned Zone. When modeling buildings with multiple zones, it is a mandatory modeling requirement of the CEC Compliance Manager that you must have at least one interior surface that is connecting each zone. This surface can be an interior wall, a floor that is above another zone or a ceiling that is below the floor above.

Note that you do not need to model all interior surfaces, you just need at least one between the zones. You also do not need to model the surface twice (once on each side). Inputting it once will satisfy this requirement for both the zone it is in, as well as the zone it is adjacent to. You also might consider modeling the entire house as a single zone to avoid this requirement if that is a suitable approach.

In the building, at the Zone level, select the room below the Zone. Now right mouse click on the room and select “Add”. From the list that appears, select Interior Surface.

Enter the area of the surface. If you are modeling a wall, select a wall from the assembly list. If it is a floor, select a floor. If you are modeling a ceiling to a zone above, select a roof/ceiling assembly.

Finally, you must select the Adjacent To input in the interior surface and designate the room that this surface is next to.

When inputting a floor in this instance you would input the floor as being in the second floor zone, and as Adjacent To the first floor zone. When inputting interior floors, you have the option of inputting then floor elevation. Leave it as zero and it will default to the elevation you have input for the room.

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