Error 1049

The prescriptive Title 24 requirements dictate that and spaces in a building that are greater than 5,000 sqft with ceiling heights greater than 15 feet must include skylights, along with automatic daylighting controls. Refer to the Nonresidential Compliance Manual for more information on this requirement. At the System level of the Building Tree, you have checked the box indicating that this system serves an area that meets these criteria, and hence must meet the minimum skylight and daylit area. At the Room level of the Building Tree, in the Lighting tab, the daylit area does not meet the requirements. If the system does not contain rooms that meet these criteria, uncheck the box at the system level of the tree. If there are rooms that meet these criteria, navigate to the Room level of the Building Tree, Lighting tab and enter the appropriate area of sidelit daylighting and skylit daylighting. These areas are determined according to the Nonresidential Compliance Manual.

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