Error 1098

You are modeling a VRF system in Version 6 or 7 (this FAQ does not apply to version 8), and since the VRF modeling is not approved by the CEC for Title 24 permit application, you cannot use the VRF system type in EnergyPro.  For Title 24 permit submittals, you must model the units as a series of minimum efficiency split system heat pumps.  Model all of the ‘indoor units’ as their own outdoor unit (in the Central System Library, and at the System level of the Tree) and the outdoor unit does not get modeled. The heating and cooling capacity, fan airflow and design power should all come from the indoor unit specs. Don’t model an outside air economizer in the outside tab. You can use the System Multiplier in the Building Tree if any of the units are identical.  The heating and cooling efficiencies would be the standard code minimum efficiencies.

3 Phase – 13 SEER, 11 EER, 7.7 HSPF

1 Phase – 14 SEER, 11.7 or 12.2 EER, 8.2 HSPF

Please also reference the Appliance Efficiency Standards for the standard efficiencies.

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