How do I create an assembly for the new NR T24 Performance calculation?

Starting in version 6.5 of EnergyPro, we now have a new layer by layer editor incorporated into the Assembly library. Note that the only way to define an assembly for the NR Performance calculations is using the layered approach. Note also that these layers do not affect any other calculations, just Nonresidential performance modeling. Also, any entries made on the JA4 tab of the editor (rigid insulation, etc) will not be seen in the Nonresidential performance simulation, so If you need to add rigid insulation you will have to add a layer into the Layers tab.

Please be aware that older assemblies from prior versions will have a minimum set of layers built into the assembly, so it is very important that you review these layers before you proceed with your analysis.

Categories: 8. Nonresidential Title 24 Performance

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