How do I model a Multifamily Central Heat Pump Water Heating (CHPWH) system?

You can review two sample files we provide, the the lowrise example is the MF Example.bld, we also provide a file  Highrise Res Electric.bld Both are modeled at the Plant level of the tree, Domestic Hot Water tab.  The inputs for the CHPWH are at the bottom section of the input screen, you can choose the type of Heat Pump, quantities, etc, as well as tank volumes, and supplemental loop capacities, tank locations and locations of condensers.  The input at the top is not used in this case if you are doing Lowrise projects.  In the case of Highrise projects the water heater input at the top of the screen is used to supply Nonresidential spaces (corridors, lobbies and support spaces).  You CANNOT assign those support spaces to the CHPWH, CBECC does not allow for that circumstance, so you will have to assign those spaces to a standalone WH.  Create a dummy electric WH if necessary.

When molding Highrise Res projects, at the PV+Batt tab, we also provide for the circumstance where PV assist is being provided to the Central HPWH, only the top boxes need to be checked, the software will size the PV system for you.  Do not input an actual PV system in this case.  It is important when using this feature that you check your compliance results on the PRF-01, since this PV assist is actually reported there, not onscreen, as a “flexibility” credit, along with the PV size that is required.

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