How do I model Hydronic Heating for Non-Residential Buildings?

Included with EnergyPro is a flexible heating input tab in the Central System Library.  The system selection choices give you the ability to specify any source of heating, when dealing with most systems.  The inputs allow you to specify a hot water coil, for instance, combined with a Packaged DX system.  This type of input would allow the user to model a radiant floor heating system fed by a boiler, with a conventional packaged system providing air conditioning.

In the Plant element, under the Heating Hot Water tab, create a boiler or select one from the Boiler Library.  Enter the Boiler pump size and flow rate.

In the System element, create a HVAC system with the appropriate system type and ‘Hot Water’ as the heating type.

The hydronic system may also have a cooling component, in which case, you would also model the cooling information (see the topic on No Cooling if none exists).

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