Inputs needed for a Non-Residential (commercial) Title 24 calculation:

Below is a list of tabs in which you need to enter information for a non-residential title 24 calculation. You will not need to enter every available input in each tab.

Building icon:

Building Icon

Project Design Data, Project Title, Designer, Lighting Designer (if lighting is part of your scope), Mechanical Designer (if Mechanical is part of your scope), Outdoor (if outdoor lighting is in your scope)

Plant Icon:

Plant Icon

Heating Hot Water (if you have a boiler for space heating which is separate from the domestic hot water heater), Chiller Water (if you have a built up HVAC system with a chiller) Hydronic (if you have a ground coupled system) Domestic Hot Water (unless DHW is not in the scope), Renewables (if there is a solar hot water heater you would model it here, you can ignore the Solar Space Heating and electricity production inputs)

System Icon:

System Icon

General, Distribution, MCH-2 (if your model includes MCH-2 features)

Zone Icon:

Zone Icon


General, Lighting, Mechanical (if you have zonal mechanical boxes or wish to adjust the ventilation)

Room Icon:

Room Icon

General, Infiltration, Occupant, Receptacle/Process, exhaust fan, lighting (if you are taking task or daylighting credits).

Within the Room icon, you will enter building assemblies such as Roofs, Walls and floors by right clicking on the room icon and selecting Add …


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