The NRCC-MCH-E Shows the Building Does Not Comply. How do I fix this?

Start by looking at Table C on the form.  You will find individual columns that indicate Yes and No for specific aspects of the HVAC design.  Identify which column shows No.  You will find a Table Reference indicated in the Column header.  Find the table further back on the form and you should be able to identify what aspects of the design is out of compliance.

Often times this will be Table F that is the problem.  If you review the data in this table, it provides for the HVAC system sizes as proposed (column 8), as well as the Maximum allowed system sizes (column 11).  Confirm that the HVAC system is not oversized.  More information on this limitation can be obtained in Section 140.3 of the Standards, as referenced in this table, also note that you can identify if this is the Smallest Size Available at the System level of the Building Tree, MCH tab.

In addition, the 2022 code dictates the use of Heat Pumps for space conditioning, and while not explicitly called out on this form, your on-screen calculation results will show a column marked Heat Pump, that will show Pass or Fail.  If you feel that a heat pump is not warranted, then at the System level of the tree, MCH tab, you can mark the Heat Pump exception.

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