What do the three TDV scores mean?

Starting in EnergyPro 9.0 you will find three TDV scores when doing a compliance calculation.  A TDVe score which represents the efficiency of the building design and includes all end uses with the exception of PV and Battery.  A TDVt score which is the building efficiency score including the savings contribution of PV and Batteries, and a Sourcet score, a Source emissions score that is similar to the TDVt score and includes all end uses and factors in the Green House Gas emissions that result from the gas and electricity that is consumed to run the building.  In the case of buildings with gas appliances, you can expect your proposed Sourcet emissions score to be high.  For the 2022 Energy Code, New Construction projects are required to comply with all three scores.

Categories: 5. Multifamily Title 24, 9. Nonresidential Title 24 Performance

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