What do the warnings in the CBECC Log file mean?

Here are some examples of errors and the causes.

2016-May-12 14:13:45 –  3: Temperature (low) out of bounds for zone=13-PARKING GARAGE -LV 2 for surface=RAISED FLOOR542

In this example, the zone has not been modeled properly.  You may have taken some shortcuts on inputting the surfaces and don’t have a complete description of the zone.  While we ask for 3 surfaces minimum, it is important that those three surfaces comprise a significant area of the zone.

2016-May-12 14:13:45 – 23: Surfaces in Zone=”10-PARKING GARAGE -P2″ do not define an enclosure.
 Number of surfaces <= 3, view factors are set to force reciprocity.

Similar to the above warning, this space has incomplete geometry.  Possibly adding a 4th surface will satisfy this condition.

2016-May-12 14:13:45 –  15: GetSurfaceData: The total number of floors, walls, roofs and internal mass surfaces in Zone 15-LOBBY / RESTROOM
 is < 6. This may cause an inaccurate zone heat balance calculation.

While rare, you may have circumstances where you need to define up to 6 surfaces to satisfy the CBECC simulation.

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