New EnergyPro Version 9.3

EnergyPro  9.3 which contains the latest CBECC 3.1 engine from the CEC has been approved.  Please update your version as soon as possible. Go to our Version 9 Download page for more information on ordering and downloading and also read our FAQs at the bottom of the page.

World Class Building Energy Analysis Services

compasAs one of the leading energy analysis firms in the country, EnergySoft has been providing consulting services and software to clients worldwide since 1982.  We specialize in Building Energy Performance Modeling and have completed over 18,000 projects to date.  For more information on our products and services, click on the firm information above, sign up to attend one of our free seminars, or give us a call.

EnergyPro Software

Of all the software currently certified for use with the Title 24 Standards, EnergyPro is the only program approved for use with Single Family, Multifamily and Nonresidential Buildings, including New Construction and Alterations.  Our latest software release includes advanced modeling and reports to help you get your new projects to meet the State of California Clean Energy goals established by Statewide policy.  As the codes get tougher in the state, look to EnergyPro and our extensive support resources to help you achieve the building designs needed to meet these goals.

Green Building Specialists

EnergySoft Building LogoLooking to maximize your LEED EAc1 Points, or comply with local ordinances that exceed California’s Title 24? Let EnergySoft leverage our extensive array of modeling techniques, the power of EnergyPro, and our 40 years of experience go to work for you.

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