Getting Started

Start at in our support section, you will find numerous resources there including a Modeling Guides section that includes a Getting Started guide for both Residential and Nonresidential projects.

In our support section of the site you will find Example Projects files that show how to model different buildings and mechanical systems.

From inside EnergyPro, under the File menu item, you can use the building wizard to create a basic model.  You will find 2 different building wizards to create your building. Once you have created the basic building using the wizard, you can then go directly into the building tree and there you will have more selections and options of items to add.

Whenever you have questions about a certain input in the software, click to select the input and press the “F1” key. A help window will then appear with an explanation of what belongs in that input field.

Also, our FAQ section has hundreds of answers to common questions that we get.

A series of videos are posted on You Tube, you can search for the keyword “EnergyPro”, we have listed some newer ones below to help out

Getting Started with EnergyPro

2019 Modeling with EnergyPro

Modeling Overhangs

Advanced HVAC and DHW

Modeling a Two Story House

Modeling Existing + Addition/Alteration

Modeling a Townhouse

Modeling a Residential PV System for the 2019 Energy Code

We have posted a video on how to Register a CF1R form, and please be sure to read the FAQs on CF1R registration.

The California utility companies hold free seminars/trainings on our software. See below for links for calendars and to sign up.

Energy Code Ace


SoCal Gas


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