Example Projects

Below we have links to the latest example project files for EnergyPro.  Note that these files are designed to run in the latest version of the software so be sure you have the latest version installed, you can verify this under Help | Check for Updates.

Blomberg Example (library of Blomberg Windows)

Chilled Beams (Example of chilled beam modeling)

Daikin VRV IV (library of Daikin VRV series IV equipment)

DOAS (Dedicated Outdoor Air System example)

Env Pres Example (example showing Prescriptive compliance for just the Envelope)

Existing+Addition/Alteration (ADU being added to a home with new tankless DHW and Mini-Split)

Fujitsu Example (library of  Fujitsu VRF and Mini-Split equipment)

GPR Single Family Example (Green Point Rated example)

Highrise Combo Hydro (note combined hydronic boiler at plant – DHW level of tree)

Highrise Res Electric (electric baseboard heating and Central HP water heating system)

Highrise Res Hydronic (note hydronic boiler at plant level of tree)

Hitachi VRF (library of Hitachi VRF equipment)

Home Performance Sample (existing home with performance upgrades)

Indoor Lighting Sample (Prescriptive example, Indoor Lighting compliance)

Indoor Lighting Alteration (Prescriptive example, Indoor Lighting Alteration)

Lennox VRF (library of Lennox VRF equipment)

LG AC VRF (library of LG Air Cooled VRF equipment)

LG WC VRF (library of LG Water Cooled VRF equipment)

Low-rise Combined Hydronic (Single Family home with single boiler providing space heat and DHW)

Low-rise Res Separate DHW & Hydro (Single Family home with separate boilers providing space heat and DHW)

Mech Pres Example (compliance Prescriptively for Mechanical only)

MF Example (Lowrise Multi-Family project using a Central HPWH system)

Mitsubishi AC VRF (library of Mitsubishi/Trane Air Cooled VRF equipment)

Mitsubishi WC VRF (library of Mitsubishi/Trane Water Cooled VRF equipment)

Nonres Built-up VAV (Chilled Water Variable Air Volume System)

NonRes Sample (three zone mixed use building – demonstrates most features in software)

Outdoor Lighting (good template to use when creating outdoor lighting projects)

ResAirToWaterHP.bld (demonstrates a Hydronic HP providing space conditioning

Outdoor Lighting Alteration (Alteration to Outdoor Lighting)

Residential Basement (note the Story inputs at the Zone level of the tree)

Res Mini-Split Example (note the Mini-Split Heat Pump input at the System level of the tree)

Res Sample (Two story home with attached Garage)

Res Zonal Example (Zonally Controlled HVAC with separate Living and Sleeping inputs at the Zone level of the tree)

RSG 3D Sample (Home utilizing Concrete Sandwich Panel construction)

Tailored Lighting (demonstrates mixed lighting (area category and tailored for retails spaces)

Toshiba/Carrier VRF (library of Toshiba/Carrier VRF equipment)

WSHP Example (Water Source Heat Pump Example)

York VRF (library of York VRF equipment)

ZNE Example (Zero Net Energy example including a Ground Coupled HP system)

ZNE Senior Housing (Zero Net Energy example for large Senior Housing project)

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