Error 1000

You are trying to run calculations that are related to the California Title 24 code.  In order to run these calculations, you must select a location that is in the list of California locations.  If you did not intend to run a Title 24 code calculation, then you need to select a different calculation.  California locations have a Climate Zone selection between 1 and 16.

 You can navigate to the top level of the Building Tree, and in the General tab, hit the Select button to select a location that is in California.

 If you did not intend to run a Title 24 calculation, click on the Calculations button at the bottom left of the screen.  In the list that appears above this selection, you will find all of the different calculations that can be run.  Ensure that all Title 24 calculations do not have their boxes checked, and check the appropriate box for the type of calculation you intend to run.

 You can now click the Calculate button on the menu bar to rerun your calculations.

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