Error 1041

Interior surfaces can either be selected as floors, walls or ceiling/roofs. When inputting an interior floor it is input in the space that is above the other space. For instance on the second floor you would input and interior floor that is over the first floor. As part of this input, the elevation of the floor must be input. We recommend you leave the elevation at zero, the program will use the floor elevation input for the Room.

Many times, a floor is input into the first floor and is designated as being over the second floor. This is not possible. This type of input would be a ceiling/roof, not a floor. A floor must be input as being above another space, a ceiling as being below another space.

Review this input for this surface and be sure you intended to input a floor and not a ceiling/roof. The type of assembly selected determines this definition. Review the floor elevation and the room elevation to be sure they are consistent with the adjacent room.

Note that interior surfaces do not need to be input twice. Thus you would input either the ceiling of the first floor or the floor of the second floor but not both.

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