Error 1045

When doing compliance calculations, the software uses an engine developed by the CEC, the Compliance Manager. While the CEC’s published Joint Appendix 4 includes a very detailed list of assemblies as shown in EnergyPro, the CEC Compliance Manager does not implement the entire list.

The CEC recommendation is to open a copy of the Reference Appendices (Help | Title 24 | Reference Appendices), and find the U-factor for your proposed construction assembly in Joint Appendix 4 (also be sure to note the maximum U-factor from Section 150.0 of the standards). With that U-factor known, model a wood-framed assembly with a similar or slightly higher U-factor. Consider naming the construction to match what the builder will be constructing rather than what you modeled (e.g., call the R-30 wood-framed roof/ceiling with 0.032 U-factor that is substituting for your R-38, 0.031 U-factor, roof R-38 metal framed roofin case you use the file for a different job). Lastly, document for the plan checker what you did.

In the Building Tree, navigate to this surface, click on the Construction Assembly and either edit the current assembly by clicking on the green Import button or select another assembly from the library.

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