Error 1047

The mandatory measures require that all heated slab floors must have slab edge insulation. A heated slab floor is a slab-on-grade assembly that has either electric or hydronic heating embedded in the slab. Refer to the Residential Compliance Manual for details on how this would be accomplished, along with insulation details.

In the Building Tree, navigate to the slab floor, and click on the Construction Assembly. You can now either select a different slab floor from the library, or edit the slab floor. To change this to a different selection, click on the green Import button and you will see two different lists of slab floors, Heated and Unheated.

If you select an Unheated Slab, the insulation is no longer required. If you select a Heated Slab, you must choose one from the list with a minimum insulation level that meets the requirements in the mandatory measures section of the code for your climate zone.

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