Error 1060

Each Zone entered into the Building Tree is required to have an Elevation entered for the Zone that describes the distance above the exterior grade of the building. Thus, a ground floor Zone with a slab on grade would have an elevation that is 0.7 feet above the exterior grade. Each floor of the building will require this value be input.

In addition, each Zone is required to have the Floor to Floor height entered that describes the distance from the Zone floor elevation to the Zone above floor elevation. If the Zone that is above another Zone does not have a floor elevation that is at least equal to the lower floor elevation plus the floor to floor height, this is an error.

At the Zone level of the Building Tree, navigate to the Building Story input.  Each unique level of the building (story) should have an entry.  Example, Floor 1, Floor2, etc.

Review the inputs for Floor Elevation and Floor to Floor Height for each Zone in the Building Story, and ensure these values have been input consistently.

Note that it is valid to have a single Zone that encompasses more that one floor of the building, you would simply select the lower story for that Zone.

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